Peaceful Sleepers Consulting is a small infant & child sleep support company in Vancouver, B.C. Sleep solutions are implemented from a place of love, compassion and empathy. Our services aim to empower, support and honour parents as they implement healthy sleep habits in their home. Strategies used to support baby down the path towards peaceful sleep focus on connection, responsiveness and empathy. At Peaceful Sleepers we emphasize the ongoing work of building trust between baby and caregiver and strengthening the parent/child relationship through responding to our baby in a calm and respectful manner, always embracing our baby’s true needs. .

   Holistic solutions is the magic behind the success we see at Peaceful Sleepers.  We view sleep as a complex, vital necessity which contributes to the entire family’s well being and overall mental, physical, emotional health.  We resolve family sleep issues by implementing foundational sleep hygiene, not by forcing conventional “sleep training” methods like CIO onto any baby or child.  When it comes to raising our children, there is no quick fix or “right answer”  that is going to work for every family.  Every family has a different colourful story to tell and their path towards peaceful sleep will reflect their unique experience.  Our mission is to develop strategies with thoughtfulness and compassion; taking into consideration every little, glorious family nuance.Together, we decide where we are in this exact moment, where we would like to be in the future, and what we want the road to reaching our family’s sleep goals, to look like.  Sleep transformation is made because how we respond to our babies and children. At Peaceful Sleepers we encourage all parents to respond with empathy & love. That, in combination with laying that strong sleep foundations, is the golden recipe.  See for yourself. 

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