If we decide to hire a consultant, how long will we be working together?

When a family books a package we will be closely working together for approximately 3-4 weeks. Our time officially begins at the start of our consultation and is complete after our 2 week plans have been implemented and an addition week of email support to iron out any kinks that may still be present.

We are in the process of moving homes/planning a big trip/expecting a new baby? Is it ok to get started at this time?

To answer simply- no, it is not the best time. Implementing sleep changes is a big commitment. Whenever we are making changes to baby’s sleep routines, patterns and habits we must make sure these changes do not coincide with another big life change.   Travel, a new baby, entering preschool/daycare, moving homes are all BIG transitions for your child and can also cause their own kinds of sleep disruptions.  It is always best to handle one big transition at a time. Working on improving sleep and accomplishing your family’s personal sleep goals should be done when your schedule is clear, your routines can be consistent and there are no upcoming life changes in the very near future.

What is your success rate? Do you have a guarantee policy? 

Think of working with a sleep coach in the same way that you might work with a nutritionist or a personal trainer.  I provide you with all the tools, strategies and careful recommendations necessary to set you and your baby up for sleep success. I offer support, encouragement and accountability- keeping everyone on track so that personal sleep goals are accomplished. When things aren’t going as planned, I provide modifications and ways to troubleshoot.  As long as parent’s are dedicated to the process, committed to implementing strategies with determination and open and honest about sleep progress and their participation, sleep goals will be met.

Do you use the CIO method?

At Peaceful Sleepers extinction method that involves leaving a baby alone to cry until they fall asleep at whatever cost will never be used or presented as an option. After fully assessing the individual temperament of each unique baby, together we create a plan that respects and honours the family’s parenting style and philosophy.  It is a team effort and we develop sleep strategies together, based on my recommendations and the families comfort levels. This often  involves hands-on settling, remaining in the room to support baby while they adjust to new sleep routines, and responding to each waking with comfort and support. No baby that goes through the Peaceful Sleepers journey will be left alone in a room to cry. 

What is the difference between hiring a sleep coach and taking out a couple sleep books from the library and implementing their advice?

There are so many valuable resources and book available which may improve your child’s sleep. But a book’s advice will be unable to take into account all your family’s unique nuances and circumstances.  It will not be able to consider your baby’s temperament or your family lifestyle.  Working with a coach will not only create an individualized plan that is 100% tailored to your currently family situation, but a sleep coach is able to support and encourage you every step of the way so that everyone stays on track and goals are reached.  The on-going support and reassurance is usually what makes the difference.

My child is 3 years old and has never been a good sleeper.  Do you work with toddlers?

Packages are available for all age groups between the ages of 0-4.  It starts before birth: I offer a package to expectant parents which set families up for success even before the baby arrives. I offer support services for the newborn stage (0-3 months) and the most popular packages are for infants/children 5 months-4 years old. I believe it is never too late to prioritize healthy sleep hygiene. 

Will my child still experience regressions once going through your program?

Babies and children are little human beings! When we view sleep holistically  we take into account off the developmental, physical, environmental and emotional factors that may impact their sleep.  Things like travel, illness, teething, new developmental milestones or big transitions commonly cause regressions.  Even after becoming a peaceful sleeper, babies will still experience regressions because… they are humans! We cannot think of doing sleep work as “training” or “programming our babies” but rather laying the groundwork for healthy sleep habits and implementing helpful and peaceful sleep routines and associations.  Babies and children will be impacted by the things that are going on in their lives, which can cause regressions. But when the foundation are solid, when parents are confident, knowledgeable and consistently promoting independent sleep, baby will bounce back from healthy regressions with ease.

If we decide to hire a consultant, how available are you for phone calls/text/email support and we implement our plan?

Exact hours will depend on the support package that you purchase. Hours and availability  will be outlined in your client service agreement. Generally, hours of operation are 7AM-7PM but vary depending on the service.

How long does it take to see results?

Every baby is different and it’s impossible to give a definitive answer that will be true for every baby. Within 2 weeks we typically see HUGE progress and bedtime can improve in as little as 3-5 nights! Our goal is to choose a strategy that your unique baby will respond best to and also implement a plan that respects the family’s style and parenting beliefs.

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