Our son Matthew had always been a happy healthy baby, but we’d had problems getting him to nap regularly or sleep longer than a couple of hours straight, pretty much from day one. By his first birthday he had certainly improved, but he was still extremely reliant on Mum or Dad to sing, cuddle or nurse him back to sleep and it wasn’t unusual for him to wake several times per night. I think like a lot of parents, we had read plenty on the subject and had got him into a decent routine, but he still relied heavily on a bottle or physical contact in order to fall asleep. Jen was the one who helped us solve the puzzle and get us over the line. She helped us put together a plan that reflected our philosophy as parents, that was as gentle and gradual as possible. I say gradual, but we couldn’t believe just how quickly Matthew progressed and within 2 weeks he was genuinely sleeping through the night having been laid down in his cot relaxed, but awake. There was and is no great secret or miracle to all of this, it’s more that Jen gave us the structure, techniques and the confidence that if we stuck resolutely to the plan that we had designed together, that we would be successful. Her belief in the process rubbed off on us and we were so surprised at just how quickly Matthew’s sleep improved. My wife and I really appreciated the regular communication we had with Jen and we would happily recommend her to any parents experiencing similar problems.

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