We had been co-sleeping with my daughter since she was 3 months old.  At around the 10 month mark, the sleeping arrangement no longer worked for us.  We tried sleep training on our own but it was a disaster because we did not have a clear plan and had read so many different books that our approach was not consistent.  Jen listened carefully to our needs and understood that we needed a gentle yet effective way to help our daughter learn to sleep.  She was readily available to answer our questions and laid out a clear process that we committed to, following up with us daily.   I thought our situation was hopeless and that my daughter would be sleeping (or not sleeping) in our bed forever.  After working with Jen, our daughter consistently sleeps throughout the night and is able to self-soothe. She is getting the sleep she needs and is a well-rested, happy baby!  We couldn’t have done it without Jen.  Jen changed our lives – my biggest mistake was not contacting her sooner!  Working with Jen was a dream and I highly recommend her to everyone, especially those who are afraid of the sleep training process.

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