Sixteen months of terrible sleep habits we unintentionally taught our sweet son were flipped around in three days. Yes, you heard that right. Three days. Four months of sleeping sitting up with a baby in my arms. Twelve months of bed sharing with an average of 6 night wakings on a good night and up to every fifteen minutes on a bad night. Challenge on top of challenge.  We hired Jen Ashton of Peaceful Sleepers after two recommendations from friends. It was like having my own personal cheerleader in my corner. Someone so encouraging and optimistic that I couldn’t help but believe we could do this. She gave me the tools I needed to make positive changes. She helped me find confidence. Our son now sleeps twelve hours a night, independently, and with no crying. He also naps independently twice a day with no crying. Ryan is now a peaceful little sleeper and so is his Mama. Life is good.Thank you Jen. Your support and advice have been invaluable to us.

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