Our previous sleep challenge was pure lack of sleep. No one was getting any sleep. We co-slept and I stilled nursed, which meant {child} would wake several times a night to comfort feed. Daddy was stuck sleeping on the couch. When we met Jen, we were excited to start the journey but also felt very anxious and doubtful that it was possible for our toddler to sleep through the night in her own room. Jen gave us the knowledge and tools to get our daughter sleeping through the night and napping during the day. Having unlimited email support was huge! I loved knowing that if we had any questions or concerns that you were just an email away! Through working with Jen, we gained a happy, healthy little girl who can now self soothe and sleep entirely on her own which means Mommy and Daddy have their room back (and their sanity;)) Thanks for everything! It was worth every penny and I will be sure to let my friends know!

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