My husband and I sought support from Jen with Peaceful Sleepers when our daughter, Addison, was 3 weeks old. Addison was a newborn who had her days and nights mixed up and I was sleeping no more than an hour or two at a time. I knew this would not be doable for long, but Hadley was not following the strategies or rhythms I was trying to implement. During the initial consultation Jen guided us through  ‘what to expect’ in the first 3 months. The information provided was clear and informative and helped us gain a much better understanding of what was going on! I felt relieved after speaking with her and was able to completely revamp my expectations for our daughter and her sleep. Jen’s tips and suggestions were so gentle and I no longer felt like I was forcing good sleep habits, but more so guiding them. Our little girl is now three months old and her sleep has developed very closely to the timelines outlined in Jen’s package. We are thrilled with Addison’s sleep patterns and independent sleeping skills! I refer to the information provided by Jen several times a week, and always find something new, relevant, and helpful to Addison’s age and changing sleep. I will not hesitate to seek support and knowledge from Jen as new “issues” arise.. like teething!

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