My first conversation with Jen was for about 15mins on the phone. After chatting with her I immediately knew I wanted her help. She was extremely kind on the phone and said that she would be able help my son sleep through the night with a very gentle approach that worked for us. Jen took the time to get to know my son’s sleep habits and nutrition; she then made a progressive sleep plan that was best for my son and our family. If I didn’t email her she would often end up emailing me to check in and see how things were going. It only took a few nights and my son was sleeping almost 12 hours. He was waking a little early and she continued to adjust the sleep plan to try and get him to sleep later. Jen is kind, caring, and committed to helping you with your child’s sleep. I was beyond thrilled that we chose her. Once our time was done with Jen, I missed our daily email and check-ins. Since Jen has helped us, our son has slept though the night consistently even cutting 4 teeth and being sick. If you need any help with your child’s sleep I would not even give it a second thought, contact Jen. She is amazing you will not regret it.

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