Jen is a magical sleep fairy! Our toddlers sleep patterns were unpredictable and all over the place for the past almost 2 and a half years . He would wake anywhere from 1-6 times in a night. We tried everything, even the cry it out method, which didn’t work, he would scream for 1-2 hours straight. My husband and I were at the end of our rope. Jen gave us a tailored unique plan for our little one that had him sleeping through the night in two weeks. Nothing short of a miracle. Jen helped us adjust our bedtime routine and make small gentle changes that kept both us and our son within our comfort levels. Jen, we can’t thank you enough for saving our sanity and helping us all get some much needed sleep! Everyone is a lot happier and better off after working with you. We’ll call you again in 4 months when the next baby arrives 🙂

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