My first conversation with Jen was for about 15mins on the phone. After chatting with her I immediately knew I wanted her help. She was extremely kind on the phone and said that she would be able help my son sleep through the night with a very gentle approach that worked for us. Jen took… Read more “Mother of 8 month old, Jack”

Jen was a sleep whisperer!!! She completely changed my baby’s sleep patterns. By pinpointing three simple problems with our bedtime routine – my baby was sleeping through the night in 5 days. Our baby is now happier and so are we. We are no longer scared to put our baby to bed anymore and actually… Read more “Mother of 6 month, Tessa”

Our lil girl was an exceptionally fussy sleeper and we tried almost every known sleep training method, including our own variations, and had all but resigned to us not “having a life”…until we spoke to Jen at Peaceful Sleepers …she almost instantly got our situation even though she was across the world. Jen designed a… Read more “Father of 12 month, Amanda”

Before we met Jen, we didn’t know if our daughter would ever be able to sleep without us coming into the bedroom 10 times a night to replace her soother! Jen accepted and supported our goals and gave us practical and successful strategies on how to teach our daughter to sleep 12 hours through the… Read more “Father of 5 month, Lola”

When we met Jen we had a sleep situation that was not working for anyone! Jen taught us how to make easy changes to our sons’s schedule and sleep environment and gently helped us get our 9 month old out of our bed! Today, our son sleeps in his OWN CRIB and we have our… Read more “Mother of 9 month old, Ben”

We had been co-sleeping with my daughter since she was 3 months old.  At around the 10 month mark, the sleeping arrangement no longer worked for us.  We tried sleep training on our own but it was a disaster because we did not have a clear plan and had read so many different books that… Read more “Mother of 10 month old, Isabella”

Jen gave me the knowledge and the ability to understand sleep cues and wake windows. Prior to working with Jen I wasn’t confident if I was reading my daughters sleep cues correctly and was doubting myself. Jen put confidence back into me and reassured me I was doing everything right. She was great!

I wanted to say thank you! Jen’s advice has been really helpful and has helped relieve a lot of stress that goes along with trying to implement healthy sleep habits for your baby.  Jen was very prepared and was able to answer all of my questions. I have already seen a huge improvement in my baby’s… Read more “Mother of 10 week old, Sarah”

I met Jen when my little girl was about 3 months old. I was at a loss – why is she  crying from 4pm – 9pm every night?! Why does she refuse to sleep anywhere but on me?! Jen helped me understand that she may actually be overtired. Before having a baby I was under the impression… Read more “Mother of 5 month, Ella”

Our previous sleep challenge was pure lack of sleep. No one was getting any sleep. We co-slept and I stilled nursed, which meant {child} would wake several times a night to comfort feed. Daddy was stuck sleeping on the couch. When we met Jen, we were excited to start the journey but also felt very… Read more “Mother of 18 month, Renee”

Jen is a magical sleep fairy! Our toddlers sleep patterns were unpredictable and all over the place for the past almost 2 and a half years . He would wake anywhere from 1-6 times in a night. We tried everything, even the cry it out method, which didn’t work, he would scream for 1-2 hours straight.… Read more “Parents of 27 month, Tye”

Our son Matthew had always been a happy healthy baby, but we’d had problems getting him to nap regularly or sleep longer than a couple of hours straight, pretty much from day one. By his first birthday he had certainly improved, but he was still extremely reliant on Mum or Dad to sing, cuddle or nurse… Read more “Father of 12 month old, Matthew”

You have really have been so amazing! I wasn’t sure if we needed your help but once I got off the phone with you I knew you were going to be able to help Elliot drop his last feed in a gentle way. I was so excited to get started. You were so supportive and encouraging… Read more “Mother of 8 month old, Elliot”

My husband and I sought support from Jen with Peaceful Sleepers when our daughter, Addison, was 3 weeks old. Addison was a newborn who had her days and nights mixed up and I was sleeping no more than an hour or two at a time. I knew this would not be doable for long, but Hadley… Read more “Mother of 3 week old, Addison”

When I first called Jen, I was a desperate and exhausted mama with a baby who woke up every 2 hours during the night and only napped if I stayed with her the entire time (3x per day). I had read a million books and articles about sleep, but struggled to find solutions that fit… Read more “Mother of 6 month old, Luna”

Sixteen months of terrible sleep habits we unintentionally taught our sweet son were flipped around in three days. Yes, you heard that right. Three days. Four months of sleeping sitting up with a baby in my arms. Twelve months of bed sharing with an average of 6 night wakings on a good night and up to every… Read more “Mother of 16 month old, Ryan”

Jen was heaven sent! She supported us every step of the way when I thought it was hopeless. She tailor made the perfect sleep program for our baby and it was bang on. We felt incredibly supported throughout our whole sleep training journey. I would recommend Jen to anyone who is currently struggling to get… Read more “Mother of 6 month old, Sophie”

Jen at Peaceful Sleepers was without a doubt a phenomenal sleep consultant. She knew exactly how to help our daughter and support us in the process. I had complete confidence in Jen’s plan and change happened almost immediately. We are all much happier now that everyone is sleeping and we feel very lucky we found… Read more “Mother of 6 month old, Parker”

I am so glad I reached out to Jen to help create a sleep plan for my daughter! She helped me every step of the way and really made me feel comfortable with each decision and choice we made together. My daughter is now an EXCELLENT sleeper and I am getting the rest I need.… Read more “Mother of 12 month old, Lily”

Jen at Peaceful Sleepers is amazing! She knows her stuff and delivers her support in such a a caring and compassionate way. She is so approachable and easy to talk to! I would (AND DO) recommend her to any Mamma needing sleep!

Beyond 5 stars!! We were in touch with Jen a few times during our daughter’s first year (newborn sleep and nap transitions). She was incredibly supportive of our family values, offered immediate ideas to our particular situation, and was very consistent with follow ups. The education she provided us with was an essential foundation for… Read more “Mother of 13 month old, Simone”

We put off getting help for months and months, always hoping our son’s sleep issue would resolve on its own.  Well, it did not. Reaching out to Jen changed our lives and we now know our son’s sleep needs and abilities! Jen worked with us every step of the way and made sure we were… Read more “Father of 2 year old, Devon”